What is the company going to make?

We are going to make the first self-driving robot on any land where a person can walk.

In order to do this, a certain amount of driving data is essential but there is not sufficient data that covers indoor or sidewalks.


Since we sell the tele-communicated robot to the blind and the trained agent of "GoWithRobo" guide the blind to "where they want to go" by controlling our robot via 4g LTE network, the more users we have the more miles our robots will drive.


We are going to gather every driving data while our users are using our service and leverage self-driving with these data.


In the end, we are not only going to be the first company enables self-driving robot on the land where a person can reach, but we are going to reduyce our robot's price so the more blind people can afford our robot.

GoWithRobo helps the people with blindness navigate new places.